And Nothing Brush the truth.


I have said a million times before, I LOVE beauty blogs and video tutorials, trouble is I don’t have the time for a “quick” 40 minutes to do a daytime look. I just throw on whatever takes the look of sleep deprived death off my face.


Since Oisin decided to paint the inside of the toilet with my brushes I’ve been looking to getting new ines, but I’m crap at knowing what I need or should have in in my make up bag, never mind what they are actually used for. I swear to you, I have a brush that I use for my eyes that I’m pretty sure is a concealer brush, who knows?


Time to draft in the expert, enter stage right the amazing makeup artist and entrepreneur Debbie Mc Quillan who launched her own company VANITY X  in 2009. You’ll find VANITY X studios in Dublin, Cork and London training their students to the highest level, so if anyone knows make up and brushes, its Debbie.

Debbie, give it to me straight. What or how many brushes do you actually NEED in your make up armour??


As an artist, academy owner and all round makeup lover, my makeup brushes are endless!

However for my own face I really only have 5 – 8 go to brushes that I use, and personally I think that’s all you need to achieve any look. As long as they are the right ones.


Here are my top favourites:

So I have two foundation brushes that are my go to, the first is a C427 Tapered Due Fibre Blush Brush that works really well in blending the foundation into the skin as you are applying it.


Debbie Top Tip: You use this brush in a circular motion when apply your foundation. Be careful if you have dry/flaky  skin, the technique you use with this brush can act like a gentle exfoliate so it can actually encourage flaky skin.


Then the flat foundation brush BK09 Deluxe Oval Foundation Brush great for packing foundation to certain areas with great control over the level of coverage you apply.

Debbie’s  Top Tip Some foundations will work better with this brush like HD Foundations. 


So then you’ll need a POWDER BRUSH, I love  C141 Small Chisel Blush

Debbie’s Top Tip This brush is listed for blush, but I find it great for applying my face powders – bronzers/translucent powders/setting powders etc. It’s big enough to cover the larger areas of the face but small enough not to over do it. The handle is a little shorter than normal, which means you have more control of the brush.

A contouring dream brush is C405 Angle Contour Blush

I love this brush, and its one we give our students, the angle is great for when applying both contour and blush ensuring you don’t over do it in either area.

Right so that’s the face, it’s all about the eyes. I currently have two eye brushes, they do ALL the jobs so what should I have? 


A good blending brush is a must. A favourite of mine is Pro Blending Crease Brush. It’s perfect great if you’re in a hurry! I use this brush to apply and blend my eye shadow all at the same time to create a smokey eye look when in a hurry.


Another great brush to apply your eye shadow with prior to blending are these two:


C510 Pro Oval Shader Brush and BK Oval Fluff Brush




See Suzi, it’s not that daunting after all. These are my core brushes in my makeup bag if I need to apply something quick and easy. They’re great quality brushes and they won’t break the bank. 

I hope this helps you guys and makes the slightly daunting task of selecting brushes to suit you that little bit easier and CROWNBRUSH who supply VanityX students with their brushes have kindly give all Suzi Says a 15% discount just use the code vanityx2017 at the checkout


Happy Shopping. I’ll have a follow up post on how to care for your all your lovely new brushes next week.


We’ll all be making You Tube tutorials in no time.


S xx