I’m not fashion forward, but I love fashion. Well looking at it anyway. So don’t expect post with me wearing the A/W line from…

I have no idea who or what  to even insert there. I just observe and add them to the I’d say that’s dry clean which is code for you will never get baby sick out of it, ever list.

I love a good fashion or beauty blog,. I’ll always stop in my tracks when Ireland AM do the fashion pieces every day and all credit to the team on Ireland and Weekend AM, it’s generally really affordable.  So just to say from the start I’m a huge fan of so many bloggers and what they do. I love their social media accounts. I lust after their looks. Who doesn’t? These bloggers are SO good at what they do.

The blogging world is a great mix of those who can find fabulous stuff in Penneys, which I never seem to spot or pick up and they make it look amazing. Every time I look at these blogs and think, how does she do it? I just end up with fluffy socks when I go to Penneys. Sorry that’s a lie, the past two times I’ve been in there I’ve managed to pick up a packet of MOXI LOVES and a George Sponge for Oisin. Who’s George, either your house has been saved from the Peppa plague or hasn’t hit, yet. George is Peppa’s little pig brother.



Then there is the higher end of things, these are more of a lust list rather than actually every being able to afford. Now don’t  get me wrong I’m not on the bread line. Well, I’m not working but still in comparison to others I’m lucky but with that said I don’t have four hundred euro for a maxi dress or to spend on one piece of clothing in general. You know when they say “it’ll pay for itself”? My clothes work hard for the money and they’re usually H&M, New Look or Little woods. I could however tell you what high street shop clothes wash well. That’s where I’m at in the fashion stakes. At present in my world, a four hundred euro maxi “won’t pay for itself”. Also, neither would my card, it would be declined.

One of my favourites posted their look – A dress, jewellery and accessories. The combined total cost of the ‘look’ was over six hundred euro.  Yes, she looks amazing but that look really isn’t a reality for most.  But it’s like anything everyone loves a good gawk, don’t they?

It’s the same with beauty tutorial videos, I love to watch them and try and pick up tips. They use so many gorgeous products, honestly my makeup bags is really a mish mash of crap, I need to get  a few new bits but it’s not top of the list right now and although I love the tutorials  I don’t have the guts of an hour for a ‘quick daytime look’. I’m more of a five minutes try and look less walking dead before I go out the door ‘look’ kinda gal.

Also, I haven’t seen to many mammies out walking their buggies wearing anything like what I see. So with that said I thought I’d do an honest, what I’m wearing. I doubt it will have the links to where you can buy, as I’d say most of the stuff has been in my wardrobe awhile and that’s not the goal. It’s just show what mammies really wear.

Standard daily attire


Standard daily running around fashion. As you can see Trackies, Runner and baby accessory – my own. Yes, before you ask, they are my bunny slippers behind. They are a cushioned gift to the feet, love a pair of slippers.

I’ll pop up the nights out, the mornings that I have television and anything in between but brace yourselves for a lot of ill-fitting tracksuits sorry leisure wear.

S xx