What is the deal with kids suncreams?

It’s that time of year that, if your house is like mine, you’ve spend the past few days chasing your kids around armed with suncream trying to cover every inch. Which lets face it, is serious a job.

Toddler / kid covered in cream; slippery little suckers.

I’ll hold my hand up and say I’m never 100% sure what to use on the kids. There’s a million brands but I always worry about the ingredients.

So time to hit up the expert; My gorgeous nerdy friend Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd.

She’s on the runway in Dublin airport, so I ask her to give me the quick synopsis of what parents should be mindful of when buying suncream for their kids.

Jen says:

“Check the bottle for UVA *and* UVB filter.”

“Pa+++ is a Japanese guideline but it demonstrates the silent deadly ray protection.”

“Many (suncreams) opt for physical not chemical.”

What does that mean Jen? 

“So, Neostrata have a physical block whereas Moogoo are virtually chemical free.”


“If you’re looking for a great all rounder, especially for the seaside and pool. P20 are ideal for longevity and water resistance.”


The Skin Nerd also has a word about the application:

“There should be 20ml per area”

So taking that into account we really need to be generous and frequent in the application.


Here’s some great guidelines from the HSE on sun safety for kids. I revert back to it all the time.

It’s always good to keep an eye though, their skin is so sensitive sometimes the suncreams can be so slimy or thick their skin hates it.

I always think your local pharmacy is a great place for advise too, I have the carpet nearly worn into Declan our family pharmacist. In fairness to him and the team, they’re a great source of information, espically if your worried about sensitive skin,

I’ve used Caldesun spray on Oisin’s skin the past three summers. His skin can get irritated even from some products, even ones that are made for babies and kids but we haven’t had any issues with this.

Also, being able to apply with the spray helps. It kind of makes it a game.

I apologise in advance, as now I’ve jinxed us all by writing this and the weather will turn.


S xx