Your kids teacher won’t thank you for it.

They might, however , thank you for a  €1,000 One4all Gift Card.


I don’t have kids of a school going age yet, but I can only imagine that buying gifts at the end of the school year can be painful especially if you’ve more than one in school. Also, what are the rules? How much do you spend? Do you pool together for a voucher? What kind of voucher do you get?  Is there like a school teachers gift etiquette? Do teachers get like a years supply of soap and candles in June?


I’ll need the answers for those questions by the summer of 2019?


Anyway, I was sent this and I think its a pretty nice thing to do for your child’s teacher. I’m not being paid to advertise or endorse it, I just like the idea of appreciating your teacher. Also, I know a good few school teachers and most of them are really sound and love their jobs, so they deserve a treat too.


One4All launched its annual ‘Thank You Teacher’ campaign, encouraging the Irish public to show appreciation for teachers. They want YOU to nominate a teacher that you thinks deserves to win. Nice eh?


If you’re a teacher reading this, time to up your game and start dropping MAJOR hints. It’s the final sprint of the year, you can do it.

My favourite part of all of this and the reason, other than for the good of my teacher friends, is this video One4ALL made. I LOVE IT!


The kid in the white shirt and brown hair steals the show.




S xx