Without the elbowing or frantic shopping ?!?

This weekend for Sunday AM l looked at how you can make the most of these bargin-tastic days.

Every November the news is filled with hectic scenes of Americans clambering over each other for Black Friday bargains as we sit back watching it in shock. It’s never been a thing here, but lots of us travelled to the states to get some bang for our buck.


Times are changing and in the past few years the American shopping day of madness Black Friday hasn’t started to creep into British and Irish shopping culture, and now its definitely a thing. Along with its shopping bargain hunters dream, Cyber Monday. Now a firm favourite for shoppers nationwide for those less enamoured with tackling the bedlam of the shops.


So here’s my Sunday AM top tips for surviving and making the most of these serious shopping days.

• Do your research. Say you want a new TV, research it – What features must your new TV have, for example.
The same goes for pricing – Look up all the ore sale prices and take note

PRICESPY.IE is a brilliant price compassion site, not just for good Friday, use it for anything you’re buying. It’s my retail price bible. You’d be shocked the difference between prices.

• Sign up for deal / email alerts on the sites you will be buying from

If you’re not a fan of excess mail, set up a dedicated account for it.

• Check delivery options – Cost of P&P / Can you pick up in store for free? Are there any discount codes available for delivery
• Bookmark your pages/use multiple tabs for sites with high volume of traffic accessing the sales

• For shopping in the states / UK if they don’t ship to Ireland make use of Parcel Motel and Address Pal
Parcel Motel / Address Pal you sign up and set up account.

You will be given a UK /US address for delivery to add to your order. They then ship from that address to your selected local Parcel Motel. You get a text when it’s in residence and you go collect it. You can pay additional to get it delivered to you address.

Address Pal deliver to your house.

Generally cost €10 – €20 to use the service.

You can watch all my top tips from Sunday AM here:

Happy Shopping,

S xx