I love drsssing up for Halloween, my sister in law has a huge Halloween party every year. In 2014 I was very pregnant with Oisín, I didn’t want to miss the fun but  I wanted to be a comfy pregnant party goer – without, as suggested by Pinterest, having to paint my belly. Seriously,  What is the story with that?




So this is my easy peasy comfy homemade Halloween Maternity costume.

What you need

White top (I got a stretchy one on Dunne’s, not Maternity)
Black marker
Doll (soft body)
Piece of cardboard
Thick needle and tread.



I’m no Mary “How do you do” Fitzgerald, so I promise this is easy peasy.


Stretch the stomach area of your top over a large piece of cardboard and draw/colour in black strips to create bars. It’s the easiest way to colour without the fabric moving.
Around the chest area you can put in the baby’ inmates’ name. We nicknamed Oisín “HJ” so I put “HJ Donnelly” and then underneath his due month.


Cut the arms and legs off the doll leaving a bit of fabric at the ends. (This is why you need a soft body doll)


Plan where in the top you’ll pop the arms and legs through and snip a little hole then push through and stitch the fabric behind the prices into the back of the top. The stretchy material does the work to hold them in place and sometimes the dolls arms/legs have little grooves in plastic near where they join with the dolls body, if they do, use that to help secure in place.


**I can’t sew, so you’ll be grand. Just enough stitches to hold the dolly parts in place.


I wore a white maternity vest top and my comfy maternity jeans.


TA DA – You’re Halloween ready!


S xx