SuziSays launched this day last year and what a year its been.

On the eve of this day last year I was sitting in the same spot at my kitchen table, Joey was sitting beside me and I was going through the last few checks before this website,SuziSays went live in a few hours. I was honestly very nervous about the whole thing.

A year later, and it’s still here and I am still very proud of it. Although, I need to give SuziSays WAY more love and attention than I have of late.

If I’m honest, I’ve really neglected it in the past few weeks, it’s been manic. Seriously, being a parent is consuming, especially when both of the kids get chicken pox, you’re trying to run away with the girls for a few days and oh yeah, trying to get your career back on track without the ironing and all the other general crap that has to be done. Seriously, i’m like one of those handsome chaps on Love Island, “grafting”. Granted they are use the term grafting in the context of trying to get laid, I’m just running a family and what not. I like the term all the same, but I’m not sure how applicable it is.

So time to pull on the big girl pants, the comfortable ones though – no need for anything frilly and uncomfortable, we’re all friends here – and start upping my game on the site.

I’m going to make a plan and start putting up more bits about what I’m doing, what’s happening on Netflix, a bit of beauty, not contouring mind, I’m still not there and everything else in between. I focused a lot on the parenting side of things in the past year so I’ll mix it up a bit as well as the bits about my kids driving me a little loopy.

Speaking of which I have loved writing this year, without sounding like a total luvvie it’s been good for the head. I have always had a diary and scribbled stuff down, now some of those scribbles make it to here.

In case you missed them, these are some of my favourites from this year;

I was told about the Baby Blues, but I had a bit of a darker shade ..

The Baby Blues

A wise man once said..

Have Notions 

I wrote about my dad…

I don’t Miss my Dad

Hannah not sleeping, she still doesn’t by the way!

Hello Darkness.. 

And then the one I wasn’t sure was ever going to make it, losing my job in radio and my redundancy.

It’s been a brilliant first year. I’ve so much to do for year two of SuziSays and I hope you pop in and have a read from time to time.

Shout out to Sarah Jayne and Aisling whose head I wrecked with proof reading and general confidence crisis management, gems. My pals who read my blogs and tell me I’m doing great and of course the main man, Joey; My start middle and end.

So, here’s to another year, time to start getting back in the mixer.  Wish me luck.

S xx