If your a fan of the TV show Dragons Den, then you may have caught Pamela Laird; the brains and beauty behind Moxi Loves Eye catchers. Pam literally slayed the dragons with her pitch. It was one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen in the den. Not only was the pitch good, the product is DEADLY!

I’ve known Pam and her mam Yvonne for years, both are ridiculously talented and leaders in the beauty industry but honestly, even if I didn’t know them, I would still LOVE this product.  Let me tell you why;

I have an unrequited love affair with eyeliner, I love it, it loves going wrong. Enter MOXI LOVES Eye catcher, it is honestly a life saver. It corrects when things go wonky and “TA DAH” you have a perfect line all the way out to a bat wing that looks like you might have spent actual time doing your make up. They are a serious must have in your make armour. Every make up artist has them and the beauty influencers. I don’t fall into those categories, I’m just really shit at doing my eye make up and they help me not look like homer make up gun applied my eye makeup.

Oh and I’m not sure if it’s their intended use, but I use them to take off the last dregs of eye make up after I’ve cleaned my face – amazing. IN YO FACE PANDA EYES.



S xx