It’s International Women’s Day.


If I’m honest, I feel detached from it. Well from the hype of it, maybe? It might seem, to most, it’s just another day. Which lets face it, it is.

It’s the usual, wake up and hit the day running – compared to many, I’ve a fairly easy run – Drop the kids off, work, running around, collecting, dinners, tantrums (mine and the kids)  and breath, then debate if I’ve the energy to bother washing my face.


That said, today is International Women’s Day and that’s a day to be celebrated. There are events across the country and lots of amazing women speaking and spending time together, listening, supporting, empowering and generally being together.


If I was working in a large corporate, I know there would perhaps be something on my desk to mark it and a talk or celebration during the day to include all the women in that work place.


Across media, women on air will chat and print journalists will write about it. Well known brands will do press drops, throw fabulous lunches or dinners to embrace it.


This years message is #BalanceForBetter, “A balanced world is a better world. How can you help forge a more gender-balanced world?Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias.”

I love everything about this, when I worked full time, I never felt there was a fair balance where I was working, even looking back on my departure from that job, it still feels cruel and that the odds were stacked against me but I thrived from that, through the women I surround myself with. (The job departure is a whole other story, but you can read that here )
The beauty in women is the balance we give each other. We find that balance in each other. My friendship network is small, I’ve always stood back from trying to make friends or push myself out there, but I’m learning that together, women working as a team are an absolute force.
Your close knit team are the ones who balance you out, the ones who toddled beside you, grew up around you and stand by you now. They’re your go to, your safety net, laughter to tears and tears to laughter girlies.
They’re the women who wandered into your life and became your sounding board, who listen, who calm, reassure and who know that even when your messaging about nothing in particular, that you’re drowning in self doubt so they stay on and message nonsense a little longer, they know that you need it. That’s women, our intuition is like a superpower.
It’s the women you strive to be like, to emulate their work, home or motherhood ethics. The women encouraging you to keep going, to believe in yourself and what you can achieve.
So, I’m not at a talk, fancy lunch or adorned in international women’s day attire. I’m taking time to celebrate, the women who play a part in every fibre of my life who I would be lost without.
To you reading this scribble from me, Happy International Women’s Day, just be you, you’re deadly.
S xx
International men’s day is November 19th, Just FYI