Sometimes you find support in the strangest of places or people.

Namely one of Ireland’s funniest men.


On New Year’s Eve my goal for 2017 was to write. I talked a great game about building a website, setting up a platform to put all the crap I write. I write a lot, it’s how I empty my head and make room for more stuff to over think. I thought of all the reasons why I should do it, I’d make a lose plan of what I wanted to do and then internally I’d promptly talk myself back out of it.


But six months into the year, it’s finally here, SuziSays is live and a few posts in. I hope that you’re enjoying reading my posts.


All credit to any bloggers or writers out there, its not easy putting yourself on show.


But here’s what I’ve learned this week, people, for the most part are brilliant.


My husband, Joey has listened to me harp on and on about doing this website. He’s watched me question myself and knew when I was picking it apart in my head.

Joey has been head of my cheer squad in everything, he’s spurred me on to get SuziSays up and running.

My friends, the girls sent a bouquet of flowers with a card telling me how proud they were of me. Proud of me?!? I’m welling up writing that. They saw SuziSays from the idea in my head to the moment it went live. They’ve been the ultimate cheer squad.


Maybe we take our friendships for granted, without even realising it. We catch up over the phone, a quick cuppa or a girls night out, with 30 conversations in various stages all going on at the same time. That is the nature of our lives – everyone is hectic. We’ve so much to cover and discuss while we’re actually all sat together.


We are each other’s support systems when our kids get sick, we are the makers of plans and in all that sometimes we forget to tell each other just how brilliant we are or that we believe in each other. I know I’m going tell them more than I do that I think they’re bloody fantastic humans.


My friends and family, all of them, have lifted me up and pushed me to fly this week.


The calls, texts, tweets, snaps all words of encouragement and support. Every one of them has blown my mind. Honestly, I never for a second expected it.


On Monday, I was telling PJ Gallagher who I host my podcast DUBLAND with that I was truly terrified about the website going live. I’m in no way exaggerating that by the way, straight up shitting myself about launching SUZISAYS.


I told PJ I was worried people would think that I had – GulpNOTIONS.


He erupted (PJ can go on epic rants)


HAVE NOTIONS! HAVE.NOTIONS. There is nothing wrong with notions.

When you’re an eight-year-old kid you were full of notions. You wanted to be a pop star, an astronaut, a football player, a robot, fly to the moon and better still, believed you could be anything. Until you grew up and someone told you not to have notions.


Seriously, when did that happen? When did notions become so bad?


PJ’s pep talk continued.


Have ambitions, believe in yourself , be nice to yourself, tell yourself you’re a nice person because no one else is gonna do it for you.


The words stuck in my head all week, going around and round “HAVE NOTIONS”.


You know what?  He’s right.

So, whatever your notions are – have them. We tell our kids to dream big, time to tell ourselves the same. If you stumble or it doesn’t work out. So what, I bet you’ve a deadly support system ready to pick you up, dust you off and tell you you’re grand.


If they’re really sound they’ll have a glass of vino too.

Irish Parenting Blog Suzanne Kane



So Dream Big and HAVE NOTIONS.

S xx