I’ve found the perfect way!


When it comes to applying fake tan, I’m the girl you’ll see with bad tan hands, elbows, knees, oh who am I kidding, I generally look like 50 shades of orange. So with that said I now follow the holy trinity rules of tanning, which I are the following;


  1. Don’t do it yourself, you will make a balls of it.


  1. Get a spray tan from Yvonne in The Beauty Parlour.


  1. Worst case scenario and you’re stuck and need a quick tan, use Rimmel Sun shimmer Matte. If it goes really wrong, which it rarely does with Sun Shimmer, you can wash it off. 


So that’s what I stick to. I did have a serious tan affair years ago with a tan called Academy, it was a beaut of a fake tan. I haven’t seen it in years though and I still miss it, well until now.


Enter stage right he-shi My new tan best friend.

Suzanne Kane beauty blog tanning

I had a big weekend planned but it didn’t warrant a spray, when I say it didn’t warrant one, there was no point in my week where I could get to Yvonne and get sprayed. I also just needed a bit of something on my arms, back and chest. So after having a look at my now new tan friend he-shi it reminded me of a tan I used years ago called Academy that I loved. It too had a consistency of water, which, in my opinion makes for easy self-tanning for those like me who are incapable of applying tan without making an absolute mess of it.


So Friday morning I got my he-shi mitt out and popped a quick layer of this magic brown water all over my top half and because it’s like water it takes all of a minute to dry in, it’s not clear either, so you’ve a guideline. Which I need. Yes, I’m THAT person.


I lashed on a quick layer and left it until late Friday afternoon and then showered. Low and behold I had a perfect EVEN tan. Let me repeat that. I had a PERFECT EVEN TAN. Which if you’re a fake tan pro, is no big deal but if you’re like me, it’s nothing short of a miracle.


I didn’t top it up Saturday but had another shower and I still had a great natural tan for Saturday night. Delighted with myself. It’s the little things in life isn’t it.


So with the tan sorted, outfit for Coldplay on Saturday night was easy. I went for a Strappy top and white jeans with a nice glow. Look at me, I’m delighted with myself. (I’d also just had dinner with Chris Martin, but that’s a post for another day.)

I’ve a funny feeling it’s the start of a glowing relationship.


S xx