Did I say runaway? I mean’t getaway.


The ultimate girls GETAWAY.


So I don’t know about you, but my other half and his friends can at the drop of a hat organise pints. It’s Sunday afternoon, they bump into one of the lads at the shops for all of like three seconds and 25 minutes later, they have a full-blown plan in place for THAT NIGHT. Planning a night out with the girls takes days and a lot of WhatsApp messages. Sometimes as mam’s we put ourselves last in the scheme of nights out, never mind a quick weekend run away with the girls but this year myself and my mates went all out on a girls getaway; and it was amazing.


There are a couple of factors to keep in mind, mostly financial. You can’t just book a girls weekend away, nobody ever really has a few hundred euro spare, imagine? Even if you did it would go on the kids, the house, shopping or a bill. So you and the girls have to think of the long game with this one.


So, whats the key to all of this is planning? As mam’s we have super ninja planning skills, so you got this, but remember it’s not just planning to book the trip, you’ve a whole family to have in order before you leave too. Sorry, I know that’s a bag of mickeys to drop there, but it’s the truth but with your super ninja mam skills, it’s grand.


Also, you and your girls are a team. Everyone plays a part, that’s how you’ll make this happen. Go Team!! Think of the kid free shower and being called by your actual name for three whole days.


So now for the master plan:


It begins with a girls night, lunch or whatever way you and your birds can get together to have twenty conversations on the go and after three hours go back to the beginning and decide on your destination of choice.


In our case, my friends and I wanted to go somewhere we’d never been before and re-live our early twenties. We started with Benidorm, look we’d had a few drinks and one of the girls introduced us to Sticky Vicky via YouTube (I’ll let you go google that if you wish). It’s a whole bag of “Jesus Christ, HOW”, mixed with “Jesus Christ, NO”. Watch at your peril.


Anyhow, after our respective husbands vetoed the Beni’ idea because we are simply too old we finally decided on Ibiza.


Then sorting the dates took time, remember you’re a walking calendar. So you need to fit in this time away amongst a whole gaggle of activities, most of which aren’t yours. I ended up having Hannah’s christening the day after we came back. I should have got an award for services to juggling a whole load of crap before we went away but we did it.


Finally, we had a date May 18th 2017, Ibiza.


What’s App group -“Ibiza 17” is live.

We’re already planing ’18!


Surplus cash to just spend on a girls break away for most is not really an option these days so here’s the planning ninja part.



Book in advance as far as you possibly can. We kept an eye on sky scanner and Ryanair and planned to get them early and at as low of a cost as possible. In Jan it was working out just over €800 for the five of us. This is where the team comes into play. Amongst the five of us we figured out who had enough on their credit card to do the booking. Thankfully one of us did, we then all transferred the €170 to that person. Flights booked.


Phase one – Complete. 



The same went for the Hotels. We spent time on Trivago and Booking.com and compared prices. Then looked for ‘pay when you get there’ option which meant we could save between Jan and May but get a great deal on our rooms. We booked two swim up suites in the Hard Rock Hotel. These rooms usually would be mad money but two nights cost €1,000 split between the five of us.


So for €370 each we’ve three days in Ibiza staying in luxury and five months or so to start getting the money saved. This year, I’m going to start saving in September for May 2018. Just saying.


Now you need to start getting your money for hotel and spending sorted.

The money was just resting in my account”


The Banker: One of the girls assumed the role of The Banker. We each lodged €50 a month or a tenner a week into her account. This money paid for the hotel and the left overs went into the airport kitty. Yes, we’re those mates, we love a kitty.


The Coin Jar: I’m a big fan of a coin jar. So shake your other half down when they come in. All coins you find around the house, after nights out, end of the handbag all go in the jar. I cashed in my chips the day before I left, just over a hundred euro.

I mentioned it earlier, but;

The Kitty:  This works a treat for us. We had money from the bank accounts so that went in and as we had hand luggage, when we went through we bought a all the toiletries and bits and bobs in Boots in departures. Then lunch and drinks on the flight. We did a kitty when we bought drinks and nibbles for our room. Everyone throws in €20 and It means nobody’s out of pocket and it’s everyone’s to help themselves to.


So that’s all the money part. You will however have to put in a serious shift in the week leading up to going away. The kids, house and other half all have to be sorted and in order, it saves the “have you seen / where is the….” calls and texts but once it’s all done and you’re in a taxi wearing matching tee shirts (optional) en route to the airport it will all be worth it.

3am waiting for the girls to pick me up

Honestly, I was nervous going away, leaving the kids and the stress of getting everything done but I have to say three days with my four best friends was medicine for the soul. The excitement of going to the airport, drinks on the plane, arriving at the hotel and settling in, we were just giddy.



It was the best three days; we watched the sun set in Cafe Del Mar. We sat in the summer sun, enjoying drinks, chatting and laughing, totally relaxed and being able to totally switch off. As parents, we need that. Every so often one of us would pop into the room to FaceTime home and check in, the others would check all was okay when you emerged and then you would continue the wander down memory lane.

On our last morning, we got up and wandered to the beach in our bathrobes with a bottle of cava and watched the sunrise, there I was sitting with my mates on wet loungers on a beach in Ibiza, drinking cava out of plastic glasses; it was the perfect way to end the holiday.

What are you waiting for? Get on your WhatsApp group and sort a girls night out and start planning your Bad Mam’s getaway.


S xx