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Suzanne Kane is a broadcaster who has worked for some of the most prominent radio stations in the country.

She is a regular contributor on Ciara Kelly’s Lunchtime Live on Newstalk, Suzanne chats with Ciara every Monday at 1.45pm about TV, Movies and her Netflix recommendations.

Suzanne has become a familiar face on TV3’s Saturday and Sunday AM.

Along with her radio and television roles, Suzanne teamed up with top Irish comedian PJ Gallagher to host Dubland The Podcast, which has reached number one on the iTunes comedy chart with subscribers all over the world and each episode is downloaded over 9,000 every fortnight.

Suzanne’s married to Joey and Mam to Oisín her very busy nearly four year old son and Hannah her daughter who arrived in November 2016. She is a self-confessed blog addict but the sobering reality at thirty-seven is that, as much as she enjoys the reading them, she can’t identify with most of the content.


I love beauty blogs and tutorials, the bloggers are beautiful and crazy talented but I just don’t have those 57 minutes in my day to achieve that quick daytime look. My beauty regime is more take the sleep deprived look of death off my face and hope for the best. Also, I can’t contour.”


As for parenting blogs, Suzanne can’t get enough of them, but she knows that in a world of cookie cutter mammy blogs she doesn’t fit in. She uses Ella’s kitchen pouches to wean her kids, because after six hours of following Annabel Karmel’s advice, which resulted in her freezing, unfreezing and eventually scraping a week’s worth of veg puree from a high chair, Ella seemed more of a pal than Annabel.
So; Suzanne has taken to writing it all down on her very own website.


WWW.SUZISAYS.COM  is Suzanne’s honest take on real life, parenting, friendships and everything in between for anyone who might like to pop by for a read.