Something a bit different today for my Suzi Loves today, it’s an Instagram account I love called Vintage Affair. I’m not even getting married but
I love a wedding. I slow down walking by a churches or in a hotel to have a little look at the bride if I spot a wedding. It’s such a happy day.

Maybe you’re a bride to be and looking for inspiration and ideas.

Either way, I’m fairly obsessed with VINTAGE AFFAIR‘s Instagram account.

It has everything, but it’s not your standard flowers. dresses and pastels type wedding account. It’s so much more and that why I love it.

It’s run by the brilliant and very funny Edel Cooney who gives brides to be every conceivable bit of information you could think of, but it’s Edel’s humour and fabulous honesty that makes it so special.

She’s just so honest,
in the last two weeks we’ve been on a journey with Edel post lip fillers, she embraces it and give great advise to brides to be or anyone thinking if having some work or treatments done especially before their big day. So many brides and women have treatments done before their wedding  it’s great to see someone being so truthful and it will give you a reality of what to expect.

The week before that, Edel’s story was full of information about great wedding underwear, not the wedding night bedroom type, more the totally unsexy, skin coloured but magic bump and lump smoother type. The type you need for under your wedding dress.

She talks suppliers, venues, dress, shoes, literally everything.

Then the best bit, well my favourite anyway, the wedding set up. Invariably every weekend you’ll get to see Edel and the crazy talented Vintage Affair team do a wedding set up. The transformations are amazing. I love watching her stories. The flowers, church set up, the room and all the little touches. I’m not kidding when I say I’m addicted.

So even if you’re not heading up the aisle, you’ll be sucked into the excitement of whoever is.

Edel is a working mammy of two beautiful boys, who pop up now and then on her story. She’s a great inspiration to women and mam’s to show how a small little idea can grow, thrive and become a successful beautiful business.

This is Vintage affair Instagram account;


If  you’re anything like me, you’ll want your day all over again and if you’re planning your big day, you lucky duck, enjoy every moment.

S xx